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Dust Suppression

Dust suppression Nozzles:

We also provide select componentry (flexible tubing, misting nozzles, fan rings) from the Tecnocooling range ( ). See the (Misting & Humidification) for more information.

The oil burner nozzles (Solid ( ) and hollow cone ( are our most popular misting type nozzles for dust suppression. These nozzles are used when a fine mist is required to bind with the dust, and run at very high pressures.

Special applications

Throw is typically a limiting factor for most dust suppression systems. What has also proven to be very effective for dust suppression are the Turbo Nozzles. When running at high pressures (30 bar), they will provide a fine spray with a throw of 7 m (dia 1.5 orifice) ($FILE/M61.pdf ). The nozzles induce an air stream which helps to pull along the droplets.

We also construct pump sets for dust suppression (Link to pumps) with options from 0.8 lpm to 220 lpm.