ISO 9001:2015


Tank Cleaning – CIP

At SPRAY NOZZLE (Pty) Ltd we have a full range of tank cleaning machines suitable for cleaning any sized tank from a beer barrel too a large process vessel too a huge storm water attenuation tank and anything in between.

Any environment and any residue.

Our broad range of tank cleaning heads and nozzle are not only suitable for any sized tank they are also usable to clean almost any conceivable residue. We have fully hygienic, self-cleaning systems suitable for food processing, pharmaceutical and other hygienic applications. We also have tank cleaners able to handle fluids with a high particle content such as final effluent or oil muds. Additionally we have ATEX certified tank cleaning systems suitable for use in all ATEX zone. And finally we have systems that are able to handle highly aggressive environments such as acid tanks.

No matter what the tank environment, size or residue we will almost certainly have a tank cleaning head that will deliver efficient, effective and consistently superb cleaning.