ISO 9001:2015


Filter Bed Nozzles

We offer a full range of nozzles covering most water treatment, industrial, and public applications.

Filter nozzles are used in industrial water treatment, waste water treatment, water purification, in ion exchange systems and also for domestic uses, such as swimming pools, irrigation, and water softening filters. Filter nozzles are also used for drinking water production, urban wastewater treatment, desalination, electricity power generation, domestic & residential uses.

A wide range of materials allows  us to assist in making the best choice in accordance with the operating conditions of the plant, to provide excellent mechanical, chemical and heat strength, ensuring excellent functionality and a long-life of products. Materials for filter bed nozzles includes but not limited to: PP – Polypropylene; PPGF – 30% Polypropylene with glass fiber (chemically bounded); PVDF – Polyvinylidene fluoride; ABS – Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene; DIN 1.4301 – AISI 304; DIN 1.4404 – AISI 316L; DIN 1.4462 – Duplex.

Filter nozzles touch all industrial applications such as, Electricity power generation, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Metal and Paper, Food & Beverage and Agricultural.

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