ISO 9001:2015


Thermal Re-circulation Valves

Pressure/flow balancing is a problem faced during the commissioning of many large domestic and residential hot water systems. Energy efficiency is pushing more building designers to make use of centralised hot water systems. A critical criteria for these systems is ensuring the end users get hot water timelessly.

Thus we have included the CircuitSolver® in our range at Spray Nozzle (Pty) Ltd. The CircuitSolver® is a self-actuating thermostatic balancing valve that automatically and continuously maintains a set water temperature at the end of each domestic hot water supply. It solves the problem of delayed hot water delivery while completely eliminating the need for time consuming, expensive manual balancing procedures and equipment. By allowing only fluid that cools below the set point to flow to the return, CircuitSolver® also eliminates the need for oversized recirculation pumps that lead to pipeline erosion and energy waste.

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